A lifelike reborn baby doll wearing a pink bow headband and a colorful floral jumpsuit lies peacefully with closed eyes, holding a white pacifier in one hand.
The same reborn baby doll is cozily wrapped in a cream-colored knitted blanket, accompanied by a plush brown and white teddy bear, both resting on a fluffy white cushion.
A different reborn baby doll dressed in a vintage-style white blouse and blue floral pinafore sleeps on a grey blanket, with a white lace bonnet gracing her head.
The first baby doll again, displayed with eyes closed and a slight pout, wearing the pink bow headband and floral jumpsuit, without the pacifier, lying against a brown cushion.
This image shows the same doll as the first, now covered with the cream blanket, the plush teddy bear nearby, and a blue pacifier placed next to her.
A close-up of the first baby doll's face with the pink headband, showcasing her peaceful sleeping expression with a subtle smile.
The first reborn baby doll is in a different pose, lying on her side with the cream blanket pulled up to her waist, the teddy bear, and pacifier close by.
A similar pose to the previous, with the reborn baby doll lying on a fluffy white cushion, the teddy bear and blue pacifier positioned at her side.
Another close-up of the first baby doll, where she appears to be in a deep sleep, her head adorned with the pink headband, and the colorful jumpsuit visible.

Chimidoll - The adorable newborn reborn doll sleeping soundly - with feeding set

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style:Set 01
Materials/Features:Vinyl body
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Handcrafted to depict lifelike details

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Age: Newborn
Appearance: Sleeping baby
Size: 17 inches (43 centimeters) from head to toe
Doll Weight: 2.16 pounds (0.98 kilograms)
Packaging Weight: 3.97 pounds (1.8 kilograms)
Packaging Dimensions: 17.84 * 8.39 * 6.10 inches (45.3 * 21.3 * 15.5 centimeters)
Material: GentleTouch™ Vinyl
Head/Neck Material: Vinyl
Torso Material: Vinyl - Soft body for a lifelike baby feel
Eyes: Closed (permanently shut, cannot be opened)
Hair Color: Yellow or black
Hand-painted hair with hand-painted details including baby blush and clear vein textures throughout the body, hand-rooted eyelashes.
Outfit includes: 1 onesie, 1 hat (or headband), 1 pair of underwear, 1 magnetic pacifier, 1 bottle, 1 baby diaper, 1 birth certificate, 2 baby rattle toys, 1 pair of socks
Suitable for reborn doll collectors and children aged 3 and above
Poseable: Can be posed in various cute positions!

Voice Function Features:

When lifted into the air, it emits cheerful laughter.
When forcefully patted, it emits loud crying sounds.
When inverted, it emits a mixture of fearful and mischievous sounds.
When lying flat, it emits gentle snoring sounds, as if asleep.
When hugged, it emits childlike purring sounds.

Crying, laughter, and snoring require 3 AAA batteries (batteries not included in the package).

A lifelike reborn baby doll wearing a pink bow headband and a colorful floral jumpsuit lies peacefully with closed eyes, holding a white pacifier in one hand.
The same reborn baby doll is cozily wrapped in a cream-colored knitted blanket, accompanied by a plush brown and white teddy bear, both resting on a fluffy white cushion.

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