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Brand Origin

As a traveler, I've witnessed the stark disparities in children's lives worldwide. Some flourish in family care, while others struggle with basic needs, a reality that deeply saddened me.

On one journey, I met a girl named Chimi, living in extreme poverty with her grandmother. Her plight moved me to create Chimidoll, using reborn dolls to symbolize hope and care.

The brand's logo, inspired by Chimi, represents rebirth and new beginnings. Our mission is to spread love and support, bridging wealth gaps, and working towards a fairer world.


I aim to bring beauty and hope to children in need, believing they deserve better lives. Despite my limited abilities, I am convinced that even small changes can plant seeds of hope. Acknowledging the challenge, I feel a deep responsibility to act and will strive to make this vision a reality.


Our products are built on high standards and exceptional safety. We prioritize children's safety by carefully selecting premium materials. Each doll is intricately hand-detailed, with lifelike appearances, as we believe only handcrafting can capture a baby’s true essence.

Our products hold international safety certifications, including EN71, CPSIA, 10P, UKCA, CPC, and ASTM, reflecting our strict quality control and commitment to customers. Our mission is to create a safe, healthy, and joyful environment for children. Through persistent effort and continuous innovation, we strive to achieve this goal.

Social Responsibility

As a mother of two, I cannot ignore the suffering of children worldwide. Whether due to war or economic disparities, their struggles resonate deeply with me. I founded our brand with social responsibility at its core, pledging 3% of our revenue to charitable organizations for every order fulfilled.

Though our power is limited, we believe that sustained effort and collaboration can bring hope and change. Our brand symbolizes our commitment to social welfare, striving to create a brighter future for children and make the world a better place.

Eco-Friendly Promise

I am acutely aware of the urgent need to address global warming. Natural disasters like wildfires and floods highlight the negative impacts of environmental changes. Recognizing this, we have chosen to use biodegradable materials in our products, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and protecting future generations.

As a responsible business, we focus on environmental issues and seek innovative solutions. Through continuous effort, we aim to contribute to sustainable development and work together for a brighter future for our planet.

Spreading Smiles

My first customer was from Australia, and she had a child battling illness. After an extensive conversation on WhatsApp, I decided to gift her our first reborn doll. Seeing the child's smile confirmed it was the right decision. Today, our offline stores are in various locations, and I'm truly grateful for our customers' love and recognition. Our diverse customer base buys our reborn dolls for birthdays, Christmas, pre-school activities, family gatherings, role-playing games, parenting simulations, and even as collectibles. It’s a joy to see our products bringing happiness to so many.

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Email: kaijensen@chimidoll.com