Sleeping reborn baby doll with floral jumpsuit and lace bonnet.
Handcrafted sleeping reborn baby girl with detailed features.
Collectible newborn doll dressed in delicate floral romper.
Soft-touch vinyl reborn doll with realistic sleeping pose.
Heirloom quality sleeping newborn doll with soothing accessories.
 Artisanal reborn baby with pacifier in peaceful slumber.
Newborn doll 'Sweet Slumber' with vintage-patterned garments and accessories.
Collector’s favorite sleeping reborn doll with intricate floral design jumpsuit.
Lifelike baby doll with blue floral dress and lace bonnet.
Realistic sleeping reborn doll in cozy nursery setting.
Hand-painted newborn doll with pacifier in vintage-style outfit.
High-detail reborn baby girl in classic blue floral romper.
Chimidoll - Tierna Muñeca Bebé Recién Nacida Durmiendo - Con Set de Alimentación - Empaquetada en Caja de Regalo.
Chimidoll - Tierna Muñeca Bebé Recién Nacida Durmiendo - Con Set de Alimentación - Empaquetada en Caja de Regalo.
 Reborn baby doll in winter bear hat and red scarf.
 Sleeping doll with grey onesie and cozy red knitted scarf.
Lifelike doll in winter attire with pacifier.
Handmade baby doll with winter accessories and pacifier.
Reborn baby doll in chic grey knit outfit and warm accessories.
Cute sleeping newborn doll with festive red winter scarf.
Cute sleeping newborn doll with festive red winter scarf.
Cute sleeping newborn doll with festive red winter scarf.
Reborn doll in delicate white tutu dress and headband.
 Sleeping lifelike doll with elegant white gown.
Newborn baby doll attired in white christening dress.
Realistic doll in white celebration outfit with bow.
Handcrafted doll in baptismal white dress and ribbon
Reborn infant donning angelic white attire with a soft headband.
Sleeping baby doll holding pink bottle in kitty outfit.
Reborn infant doll with bottle in cat print pajamas.
Lifelike newborn doll in animal pattern onesie with headband.
Realistic reborn baby with feeding bottle in printed sleepwear.
Adorable reborn baby in colorful cat-print clothing with accessory.
ollectible lifelike doll dressed in playful cat pajamas.
Reborn doll in cozy pink hooded jumpsuit with bottle.
Newborn baby doll with pacifier in soft pink fleece.
Sleeping lifelike doll dressed in snug pink outfit.
Realistic baby doll in cuddly pink sleepwear ready for nap.
Handcrafted reborn infant in warm hooded attire with toy.
aby doll in pink ruffled onesie with matching accessories.
Newborn reborn doll in cream dress with bow details.
Lifelike baby doll in elegant cream outfit with pacifier.
Realistic doll in vintage-style cream dress and headband.
Sleeping reborn baby with plush bear in cream gown.
Handcrafted doll in ruffled cream dress and white accessories.
Colorful floral jumpsuit on lifelike reborn baby doll.
Reborn doll with vibrant flower print and pink headband.
Sleeping baby doll in vivid floral outfit with soft accessories.
Realistic doll in spring-inspired floral onesie and headwrap.
Reborn baby doll in fruity patterned romper and matching hat.
Lifelike doll in playful strawberry print attire with pacifier.
Sleeping newborn doll with soft fruit motif clothing and headband.
ealistic reborn baby dressed in strawberry and apple printed outfit.

Chimidoll - Tierna Muñeca Bebé Recién Nacida Durmiendo - Con Set de Alimentación - Empaquetada en Caja de Regalo.

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Estilo:Conjunto 01
Materiales/Características:Cuerpo de Vinilo

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Cherished Reborn Baby: This serene, sleeping baby doll is a true bundle of joy. With its peaceful slumber and delicate features, it feels like a wish come true. Ready to be cuddled and cherished, this precious baby will bring warmth to your heart.

Incredibly Realistic Baby Doll: Our reborn baby doll is meticulously designed to capture the essence of a newborn. From the serene sleeping face and delicate veining to the mottled baby skin, hand-rooted lashes, and finely painted nails, every detail is crafted with precision. The hand-painted skin showcases intricate veining and lifelike textures, offering an unparalleled level of realism. Experience the joy of nurturing with a doll that feels incredibly lifelike.

Soft, Lifelike Feel: This realistic newborn baby doll's chubby hands and legs are naturally soft to the touch. With a full vinyl body, it feels just like holding a real baby. Each time you cradle this doll, you'll feel its comforting warmth and lifelike presence, creating an experience that is truly heartwarming.

Nombre: Honey
Género: Femenino
Edad: Recién nacida
Tamaño: 17 pulgadas (43 cm) de la cabeza a los pies
Peso de la muñeca: 2.16 libras (0.98 kilogramos)
Peso del embalaje: 3.97 libras (1.8 kilogramos)
Dimensiones del embalaje: 17.84 * 8.39 * 6.10 pulgadas (45.3 * 21.3 * 15.5 cm)
Material: Vinilo GentleTouch™
Material de la cabeza/cuello: Vinilo
Material del torso: Vinilo - Cuerpo suave para imitar la sensación de un bebé real
Color de ojos: Cerrados (permanentemente cerrados, no se pueden abrir).
Color de cabello: Amarillo - Cabello pintado a mano
Ojos colocados a mano, detalles pintados a mano, incluyendo rubor y venas para imitar la piel del bebé, pestañas aplicadas a mano
Conjunto incluye: 1 mameluco, 1 gorro (o diadema), 1 braga, 1 chupete magnético, 1 biberón, 1 pañal de bebé, 1 certificado de nacimiento, 2 juguetes sonajeros para bebés, 1 par de calcetines
Libre de BPA
Adecuado para coleccionistas de muñecas renacidas y niños mayores de 3 años
Posable: Se puede colocar en varias posiciones adorables.

Funcionalidad de sonido:

  • Cuando se levanta en el aire, emite un sonido de risa alegre.
  • Cuando se acaricia, emite un llanto fuerte.
  • Cuando está boca abajo, emite una mezcla de miedo y expresión emocional juguetona.
  • Cuando está acostado plano, emite suaves ronquidos como si estuviera durmiendo.
  • Cuando se abraza, emite un sonido infantil de arrullo.

Los sonidos de llanto, risa y ronquidos requieren 3 pilas "AAA" (las pilas no están incluidas en el conjunto).

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Carefully Crafted

In many markets, what sets us apart from many other doll manufacturers is our attention to detail, with many aspects being handcrafted, including the dolls' skin and intricate vascular texture.

Original Design

Our designers craft each baby doll with love and precision. From the initial sketch to the final product, every detail is meticulously designed to ensure lifelike quality and uniqueness.

Empower Tomorrow

Every purchase you make brightens a life! We will donate 3% of our revenue to the International Children's Fund, bringing smiles to more children.

100% Safety Guarantee

Our reborn dolls are meticulously crafted using top-grade vinyl to ensure a lifelike appearance and a smooth, realistic touch. We offer functional features like gurgling sounds to enhance the doll's realism.

All our materials undergo rigorous testing and are certified by international standards, including CE, CPC, ASTM, BS, EN71, and UKCA. Additionally, our products are 10P certified, meaning they are free from harmful chemicals such as BPA and phthalates. These certifications guarantee that our dolls are safe and suitable for all ages.

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